Ádám-Vár Cottage
Adress: Mátraterenye (Jánosakna) 3145, Fő street. 1. Hungary
Phone: 00-36-20-44-77-942

Ideal for those who like:
Fishing, hunting, hiking, biking. Naturalists, big families, and friends are welcome.

Services anad Facilities:
- Two nearby lakes (app. 10 ha. each) . The local angle-fishing club regularly
deploys fishes in them
- At the cottage there is an 11 hectare field with a lake (1,5 hectare) where you can row a boat and go fishing
- You can join a hunter-company in the area
- The wild life around the lake: breams, a few carps, otters, tortoises, ring-snakes, frogs, all kinds of birds in the reeds etc. (birdwatching)
- Various types of mushrooms can be picked
- There are numerous beautiful places around the cottage, but if you want to relax you can also do it there (e. g. you can sunbathe in the garden or just enjoy the cool of the shade etc.)
- There is a barbecue-possibility
- There are some shops in the village
- Parking is possible inside the fence
- The football ground is big enough for "serious" matches
- The bus stop is about 100 m from the cottage (in the direction to Eger and Salgótarján)
- The Slovak border is 20 km far (Somoskőújfalu)
- Tent-places in the garden
- It is possible to rent bikes, fishing rods or a boat (in case you give notice in advance)

About the cottage:
There are 3 rooms available, each with 3 beds. It is also possible to place a spare bed in each room. All rooms are accessible from the hallway directly. Each room has a shower- with hot and cold running water, a tap and toilet.
There is one kitchen and the dining room which are fully equipped - gas heater, dish-washer and refridgerator. There is enough place for 12 people to eat together. A rex-table is also there.
Due to the central heating system it is possible to rent the cottage during the winter as well.
No smoking is allowed in the house! Thank you for your understanding.